Monday, May 26, 2014

Can we eat to starve cancer?:
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Validation of TruAge

The bestselling author of “The War of Art” and “The Legend of Bagger Vance,” Steven Pressfield, said, “Nothing is as empowering as real-world validation.” In the Morinda Public Relations department, we get excited each time we see Morinda or AGEs pop up in the news. That’s not because we need further convincing that our message is true, but because it’s validation that the world is waking up to the message that Morinda, as a global company, is bringing.

During the last few weeks we have felt validation come in three ways. First, AGEs continue to be featured by major media outlets. Second, news publications globally have featured Sugar Stop. And third, Morinda has been recognized as one of the "Healthiest Companies in America."

AGEs in the News
Fox News recently featured a piece titled, "Study: Fructose intake linked to slightly higher risk of death." The article noted how scientists have linked AGEs to increased mortality. It seems the full extent of the harmful effects of AGEs is just beginning to be understood.

Sugar Stop across the media
Sugar Stop has been seen in a number of news publications across the United States, including Reuters, Money, Yahoo! Finance, Food Business Review and more.

Healthiest Companies in America
At Morinda we practice what we preach. This has led Interactive Health to name Morinda as one of the healthiest companies in America for achieving “a low health risk status across their organizations while sustaining high employee participation in their wellness program.” We don’t just claim our products work. Instead, we know they work because they have worked for us.